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Busy to send off the final exam, full of joy to usher in the fall of the Spring Festival. Countless travel plans have been planned in mind.


Who knows, at the end of December 19, I talked back to my classmates. At that time, I knew that SARS like virus had happened. I said half jokingly that the Internet is too exaggerated to be so serious. After we had fun with each other, we didn't pay attention.


On January 20, I went to the supermarket and the vegetable market with my mother to buy all kinds of things for new year's products. On that day, all the people did not wear masks as before. I did not know that the epidemic would be so fierce behind us. I felt that it was too far away from us. There are fewer and fewer cars on the road. My father said with emotion that it's so cold not to go home this new year. I joked, otherwise, we will drive back on the first day of the new year and surprise grandma!


On January 22, my mother and I began to work in the kitchen. At this time, my cousin, who went back to my hometown for the new year, sent me a wechat message, telling me that the epidemic was very serious, and it was estimated that Wuhan would be closed. I was stunned for a long time, then I replied to her, don't run around at home, and don't go downtown. Put down the matter in hand, quickly dial grandma's phone, emphasize again and again, don't go out, don't go in


On January 23, it was seen on TV that Wuhan was really closed. I feel uneasy about doing anything at home. I called my grandmother several times and told her not to go out. I also sent wechat to the students in Wuhan to inquire about the situation. I learned that everything was ok with them, and I was just a little calm. Since that day, TV has been the main source of my understanding of the real situation of the epidemic. The number is increasing faster and faster, and more and more, and my uneasy heart begins to hang again. I can't do anything. I pray in my heart that my hometown will be better soon.



March 4th Friday Sunny

3月4日 星期五 睛

After school this afternoon, on my way home I met two American friends who lost their way. They forgot the way to the hotel where they stayed. As I knew where the hotel was, I decided to take them there. On the road, we talked a lot. I told them about the great changes in the city,such as the wider road, the more convenient transportation, the fresher air and so on. I also introduced that now Chinese students needn't spend most of their time on textbooks any more, because they didn't have as much homework as before. In their spare time, they could choose whatover they like to learn. The American friends told me something about the American youth as well.


It was late when I got home, but I was very happy. Because I not only helped American friends, but also realized the importance of learning a foreign language well.



I went out to buy break first this morning,when I was going to cross a road,there was a large banging sound nearby the traffic light .A truck hited a man!The man's legs was under the wheel ,and the man lying on the ground,with a puddle of blood around him.Then many passers-by gather around the man,some dailed 120,some comforted the injuried. About,five minutes,an ambulance and a police came,finally,the injured was sended to the hospital,the the driver was brought to police station.



Today,when I went home after school at noon,the moment I opened the door,a good smell drifted out.Then I saw my mother was cooking in the kitchen.Wow!That were all my favorite food:lobsters,chiken wings,sweet and sour pork ribs,kung-pao chiken and steamed fish.My mother said:“your uncle,aunt and your little cousin will come to visit us soon.”No wonder my mother cooked so many delicious.After we ate lunch,I felt very fulled,because the lunch was actually tasted delicious,I hadn't eaten such tasty dishes for a long time.Then I played with my little cousin,he is two years old,and he is chbby and very cute.



Today,I suddenly wanted to eat cake,so I decided to make one. Firstly,I prepared ingredent: eggs,flour,butter,orange juice,baking soda, sugar and milk. Then started work. First step, beat the eggs.Second step,mixed the flour, butter and sugar.Third step, put fruit,milk, orange juice and baking soda into them and mixed.Fourth step, kneaded into a small dough.Fifth step,put the dough in the oven and baked for one hour. Finally the cake was done!I ate the cake that I made myself,that was very delicious,I was so happy.